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Prime Trucking - Creating Vehicle Driver's Health And Wellness A Priority

Vehicle drivers health issues are among the most important issues facing the trucking industry today. Trucking companies are facing a potential shortage of as a result of early deaths and diseases. If otherwise competent truck drivers cannot pass the Department Of Transportation (D.O.T.) medical examination which prevents them from being hired as truck drivers they also face a lack of drivers. Trucking companies also risk losing their current drivers if these drivers are unable to pass the D.O.T. medical test upon termination of their existing D.O.T. medical card. These facets have caused trucking companies to look at methods to enhance the health and wellbeing of these in the trucking industry.

Trucking companies understand that many truck drivers health conditions could possibly be removed or paid off by changes in lifestyle. Exercise and diet are two areas of concern that numerous trucking companies are starting to handle. The majority of truck drivers are either over weight or obese. Extortionate fat could be a contributing factor in developing high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, sleep apnea and obesity.

Trucking companies are trying to find innovative ways to enhance the health of the drivers. Recent studies show that companies which put money into worker health and wellness programs get a good return on the investment. Trucking companies know this and understand that superior driver health will result in improved efficiency and security when driving. It'll also lower illness, injuries and absenteeism among all of their drivers.

Leading Trucking Company is a nation-wide trucking company located in Springfield, Missouri with reefer, flat-bed and tanker categories. Leading Trucking is one company working to enhance the health and wellness of these in the trucking industry. Excellent has played an essential role in helping their staff recognize the benefit of exercise and healthier food choices.

Excellent Trucking has mounted a basketball court and exercise equipment at their headquarters in Springfield Missouri. They also have personal trainers available for their employees, not merely drivers. This has already shown excellent results. Prime Company workers recently gained the Truckload Carriers Association (TCA) award for the inaugural 'Trucking Weight Loss Showdown' a nation-wide trucking weight loss contest. Prime's staff consisting of twelve workers competed against ten other trucking company groups and appeared as the champion having reduction a total of 353 pounds during a ten week period which represented a 15-percent drop in their total weight.

Although it is unquestionably good that trucking companies like Prime Trucking are taking steps to boost the health and well-being of their employees, vehicle drivers eventually must just take responsibility for his or her own health. The possible lack of exercise and a high-fat diet are major contributing factors to truck driver illness including improving coronary arrest risk. Unfortunately, several drivers don't exercise at all. Truck drivers should take time to exercise at least a couple of days each week when they cannot do this on an everyday basis.

Some truckstops have outstanding conditioning facilities, but many truckstops do not have any workout facilities at all. Thus, it is also advisable to keep a couple of items of lightweight exercise equipment in the vehicle. This could allow you to exercise even when you can not arrive at a truckstop that includes a fitness center.

A variable kettlebell will be a great device to own for strength and stamina. Adjustable kettlebells do not have a fixed weight, but are manufactured to allow just about weight to be added to the kettlebell to obtain the desired weight you need to specific exercises. Adjustable kettlebells take-up a tiny amount of space and enable many different exercises.

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Pickup drivers also should decide to eat well balanced meals. While many truckstops provide healthier food options many others do not. Clearly, which means truck drivers cannot always get healthier food at truckstops. For that reason, truck drivers must look into keeping a cooler or refrigerator inside their truck. This might permit them to keep fruits, greens and other foods fresh longer. They are able to shop at Supermarkets and get a good variety of ingredients which might help them prevent the high calorie food usually available at many truckstops. Taking the time to exercise and select a good truckers diet might go a long way towards raising the and wellness of

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